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This is my 'original posts' blog, where I will be posting personal stuff, self-made gifs, original text posts (that, most often than not, are fails), and so on.

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Troll Me  

  • me: *coughs*
  • person i hate: *coughs*
  • me: don't you have any originality?

songs that don’t mention the title in the lyrics make me uncomfortable

i hate it when i make smart jokes to dumb ppl and they dont laugh and i look dumb instead

If you think about it.. the people who say that homosexuality is wrong are the same people who think evolution is wrong, and that lady gaga worships the devil and is trying to take over the world by putting up-side-down triangles in her music videos.

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♪ strums guitar why is it so hard to find decent clothes at reasonable prices

looks like someone had music lessons with Flo from Progressive

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Oooh boy you lookin like you like what you see so easdfgskshdureewqndhslajfnlkjjhgffdssznbkdj heixjcjsjchsvcjshsbeucos check on it tonight